Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are considering booking one of your tours. Will you be able to provide visa support documents for us? How much do you charge for this service?

    We provide the documents needed to apply for Russian tourist visas (tourist vouchers/tourist invitations) to all the customers who booked land packages (accommodation & tours) or accommodation through us. There is no charge for this service.

  • Will you be able to assist us in getting a Russian tourist visa?

    We will be able to provide you with visa support documents required for a visa application. The visa application process is the responsibility of a customer.

    Please check with the relevant Russian embassy/Consulate for visa requirements, location and business hours of your nearest Visa Centre.

  • We are travelling to Saint Petersburg by cruise ship and would like to book one of your private tours. Will we need a visa then?

    As an authorised Russian tour operator (MBT No 003117) registered with the Saint Petersburg port «Morskoy Facade», we offer visa-free private and group tours to our customers. If you book one of our shore tours, we shall provide you with the documents required (tour tickets/blanket visas) to disembark visa-free. Please note that the conditions of the visa-free status imply that you are a part of the guided group at all the times. If you would like to explore Saint Petersburg on your own, you will need a Russian tourist visa.

  • Do you require a deposit for your tours?

    All land packages (including accommodation bookings), itineraries (including Moscow bookings), theatre tickets and group touing bookings require a deposit, usually 50% of the total invoice value. Shore tours and private excursions can be booked with no deposit.

  • Are we going to be charged in US dollars or Roubles?

    We quote our fees in US dollars for customers’ convinience. Your credit card will be charged in Russian Roubles at the rate of the Central Bank on the date of payment. If you prefer to pay in US dollars, it is possible to settle the payment by wire. The payment goes through the intermediary bank in the USA.

    The other payment option is to pay online via Paypal either in Russian Roubles, Euros or US dollars. The charge in foreign currency will be automatically converted into Russian Roubles (the rate is our bank rate and normally is equivalent to that of the Central Bank rate).

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    The cancellation fee depends on the kind of service you have booked. As a rule complete land packages including accommodation and tours can be cancelled with no penalties a week before the tour starts. As we run certain tours with no deposit, we rely on our clients to let us know in due time about tour cancellation.

  • Do you run tours in languages other than English?

    Yes, we do. We have a team of guides fluent in different languages, including but limited to German, French, Italian and Spanish.