Dostoevsky Walk

Get an insight into classical Russian literature

This tour is great both for Dostoyevsky fans and travellers who want to step off the tourist path.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky was one of the greatest writers of 19th century Russia. Though he was born in Moscow, Saint Petersburg was the main city in Dostoevsky’s life. He spent most of his life in Saint Petersburg thus the events in many of his novels take place in local streets and squares.

Recently local scholars have identified many architectural landmarks on which novels might have been based. Dostoevsky’s best-known novel Crime and Punishment takes place in the notorious slums of Haymarket square. And to no surprise since Dostoyevsky himself lived close to this square for several years.

During this tour we will see many places connected to the life of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the main characters of the novel — Raskolnikov. The tour starts on Haymarket square, reach the building where Dostoyevsky used to live and the house of Raskolnikov. Then we will follow Raskolnikov’s route to the area where the murder in the novel took place and find the courtyard where he buried the stolen purse.

After a short break for lunch in the house where Fyodor Dostoevsky used to rent an apartment, you will be able to enjoy the bar of the Domina Saint Petersburg hotel — “Nove”, which brings forward the aesthetics of Dostoevsky’s time.

Discover an unusual bar Nove where the atmosphere is saturated with the spirit of Dostoevsky’s Petersburg. Guests are welcomed by the writer himself dozing at the bar counter surrounded by his novels.

According to the old XIX century cookbooks masters of Nove carefully recreated recipes of dishes and drinks, which were especially beloved by the great writer. The set is complemented by a set of authentic homemade drinks: Khrenovukha, Klyukovka, and Mozhevelovka – served in traditional Russian way

Then we will take a bus to Vladimirsky Prospekt and visit the Dostoyevsky Memorial Museum. It was the last home of Dostoyevsky from 1878 until his death. And finally we will visit Tikhvin Cemetery where the famous Russian writer was buried in 1881.

There are many other places in the city connected with the name of Dostoevsky: the Mikailovsky Castle, the former Military Engineering College, where Feodor Dostoevsky had studied for 5 years, Peter and Paul Fortress, where he was confined to a single cell for 8 months, Semenovsky square and others. Please feel free to discuss the inclusions with us.

Dostoevsky Walk

  • Duration: 6 hours


  • Еntrance fees to the museums as per the itinerary

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