Gatchina Day Tour

Enjoy tranquil and picturesque suburbs of Saint Petersburg

Gatchina Palace is one of the remote Romanov family residences. Big halls, spacious bedrooms and endless parks – everything there is tranquil and peaceful. Unlike the Winter Palace it is never overcrowded and you can enjoy the galleries at your own pace.

The local villages we pass by will be a contrast to the urban scenery of the city. En route your guide will explain who the Romanovs were and why their heritage is important to our history.

Upon arrival to the palace grounds there is a track to follow around the Gatchina Park. Narrow trails, emerald green lawns, cozy bridges across the river and ponds full of fish.

Next destination is the palace itself. The front square is a perfect spot to take photos and admire the Gatchina Palace at full scale. Inside you will get a chance to look inside the life of the Romanovs. See their personal belongings, photos and dresses – everything they used while traveling or simply going out of the town.

Those who enjoy peaceful and spacious places should try this tour. You will never forget the grandeur and tranquil aura of the Gatchina Palace.

Gatchina Day Tour

  • Duration: 6 hours


  • Museum admissions as per the itinerary
  • English — speaking guide assistance
  • Hotel pick up
  • Chauffeured transportation

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