Modern Art Tour: ERARTA

What is Art?

Saint Petersburg is known for its art galleries and museums. However, most guests visit the Hermitage and the Russian museums, missing the unique chance to see the contemporary art of Russia. Modern Art Tour offers you a perfect opportunity to get to know contemporary Russian artists and their heritage in a new perspective. You will see works of recognized artists like  Dmitry Shorin and his famous Pulkovo Airport angelsYevgeny Ukhnalyov’s «Road to nowhere» and «Moonrise»,  Vitaly Pushnitsky’s provocative «Offended geniuses leave art» and many others. Most artists take courage to experiment with colors and materials and question many old-fashioned dogmas and canons of morality.

The tour takes place in Erarta — a modern art museum where everything is devoted to questioning art. You may feel excited or angry at what you will see but never unimpressed. Some artists attempt to shake the basement of human aesthetics to pose a different point of view. If you question art, this tour is definitely for you.

The tour starts at 11:00 a.m. at your hotel reception. Your local guide will meet you to travel together to the museum in a private comfortable vehicle. Modern Art Tour takes 3 hours and includes admission tickets and a comprehensive tour of the Erarta collection. At the end of the tour, you will be able to stay on your own or get back to the hotel with the guide.



Modern Art Tour: ERARTA

  • Modern Art Tour: ERARTA