The Siege of Leningrad Tour

Take a trip to the most dramatic time in Saint Petersburg history

The Siege of Leningrad tour offers you a unique opportunity to go beyond the standard tour and visit the battlefields and memorial sites of the most dramatic siege of the Second World War.
The tour starts by driving to the Road of Life, the only supply route to the besieged city. Dozens of trains shuttled constantly along the lake coast to the city’s supply depots. Driving along the Road of Life — the only city supporting route with the stops at memorials you will see the Flower of Life, Baltic Wings, Memorial Mountain, Broken Ring and some others (the piece of authentic road is among them but not seen well under the snow).

The Road of Life museum displays wartime relics telling of the heroic feat of the truck drivers. Braving the lake’s frozen expanses they faced constant harassment by enemy bombers and artillery to bring supplies to the city.
Next to the museum, there is an exhibition of military and transport vehicles complete with a Soviet-made C-47 airplane that delivered food supplies to the starving.
Nevsky Bridgehead, nicknamed «pyatachok» or five kopeck coin, is a tiny patch of land that became a common grave for almost 50, 000 Soviet soldiers. Making it one of the bloodiest battlefields in the world.
There is a network of trenches you’ll be able to walk alongside still clearly visible. Several memorials and a church have been built on the site.
Finally, we will visit the Diorama Museum located in the same place where the German fortifications were successfully stormed by the Soviet infantry. Six days later the Siege was broken.

The tour is a must-take for all history fans. It is entertaining and very educative so we highly recommend it for children. 

The Siege of Leningrad Tour

  • Duration: 8 hours


  • Museum admissions as per the itinerary
  • English — speaking guide assistance
  • Hotel pick up
  • Chauffeured transportation

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